Detecting Employee Misconduct and MalfeasanceDemographics and Dynamics of Mechanical Turk WorkersModeling Consumer Footprints on Search Engines: An Interplay with Social MediaCost-Effective Quality Assurance in Crowd LabelingRidesharing and the Use of Public TransportationOn Hiring Decisions in Online Labor MarketsReputation Transferability in Online Labor MarketsBuilding a Bird Recognition App and Large Scale Dataset With Citizen Scientists: The Fine Print in Fine-Grained Dataset CollectionThe Global Opportunity in Online OutsourcingA System for Scalable and Reliable Technical-Skill Testing in Online Labor MarketsGetting More for Less: Optimized Crowdsourcing with Dynamic Tasks and GoalsThe Dynamics of Micro-Task Crowdsourcing — The Case of Amazon Mechanical TurkBeat the Machine: Challenging Humans to Find a Predictive Model’s “Unknown Unknowns”Hiring Behavior Models for Online Labor MarketsThe Utility of Skills in Online Labor MarketsSTEP: A Scalable Testing and Evaluation PlatformEfficient Filtering on Hidden Document StreamsComposing and Analyzing Crowdsourcing WorkflowsQuizz: Targeted Crowdsourcing with a Billion (Potential) UsersTrust, but Verify: Predicting Contribution Quality for Knowledge Base Construction and CurationExamining the Impact of Ranking on Consumer Behavior and Search Engine RevenueQuality-Based Pricing for Crowdsourced WorkersRepeated Labeling Using Multiple Noisy LabelersHave you Done Anything Like That? Predicting Performance Using Inter-category ReputationFacilitating Document Annotation using Content and Querying ValueBonus, Disclosure, and Choice: What Motivates the Creation of High-Quality Paid Reviews?Search Less, Find More? Examining Limited Consumer Search with Social Media and Product Search EnginesDesigning Ranking Systems for Hotels on Travel Search Engines by Mining User-Generated and Crowd-Sourced ContentAnswering General Time-Sensitive QueriesContent and Context: Identifying the Impact of Qualitative Information on Consumer ChoiceExamining the Impact of Search Engine Ranking and Personalization on Consumer Behavior: Combining Bayesian Modeling with Randomized Field ExperimentsRelevance-Based Retrieval on Hidden-Web Text Databases without Ranking SupportEstimating the Helpfulness and Economic Impact of Product Reviews: Mining Text and Reviewer CharacteristicsWhat’s the Right Price? Pricing Tasks for Finishing on TimeBeat the Machine: Challenging Workers to Find the Unknown UnknownsDeriving the Pricing Power of Product Features by Mining Consumer ReviewsThe Need for Standardization in CrowdsourcingTowards a Theory Model for Product SearchThe Computer is the New Sewing Machine: Benefits and Perils of CrowdsourcingA Demo Search Engine for ProductsManaging Crowdsourced Human Computation: A TutorialEstimating the Completion Time of Crowdsourced Tasks Using Survival Analysis ModelsManaging Crowdsourcing WorkersSystem, Method, Software Arrangement and Computer-Accessible Medium for Incorporating Qualitative and Quantitative Information into an Economic ModelAnalyzing the Amazon Mechanical Turk MarketplaceModeling Dependency in Prediction MarketsRunning Experiments on Amazon Mechanical TurkQuality Management on Amazon Mechanical TurkDemographics of Mechanical TurkRanked Queries Over Sources with Boolean Query Interfaces without Ranking SupportImproving Product Search with Economic TheoryDesigning Ranking Systems for Hotels on Travel Search Engines to Enhance User ExperienceCramer’s Rule: How Information Content Moves MarketsThe Economic Impact of User-Generated Content on the Internet: Combining Text Mining with Demand Estimation in the Hotel IndustryModeling Volatility in Prediction MarketsA Quality-Aware Optimizer for Information ExtractionJoin Optimization of Information Extraction Output: Quality Matters!The Dimensions of Reputation in Electronic MarketsThe EconoMining Project at NYU: Studying the Economic Value of User-Generated Content on the InternetSearching Digital LibrariesQuery by DocumentTaxonomy Design for Faceted SearchBuilding Query Optimizers for Information Extraction: The SQoUT ProjectAnswering General Time Sensitive QueriesGet Another Label? Improving Data Quality and Data Mining Using Multiple, Noisy LabelersStay Elsewhere? Improving Local Search for Hotels Using Econometric Modeling and Image ClassificationAutomatic Extraction of Useful Facet Hierarchies from Text DatabasesClassification-Aware Hidden-Web Text Database SelectionDetecting Important Events Using Prediction Markets, Text Mining, and Volatility ModelingThe Impact of Information Disclosure on Stock Market Returns: The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Role of Media as an Information IntermediaryTowards a Query Optimizer for Text-Centric TasksDesigning Novel Review Ranking Systems: Predicting Usefulness and Impact of ReviewsShow me the Money! Deriving the Pricing Power of Product Features by Mining Consumer ReviewsModeling and Managing Changes in Text DatabasesOpinion Mining Using Econometrics: A Case Study on Reputation SystemsFaceted Browsing over Large Databases of Text-Annotated ObjectsDuplicate Record Detection: A SurveyAutomatic Discovery of Useful Facet TermsTo Search or to Crawl? Towards a Query Optimizer for Text-Centric TasksDesigning Ranking Systems for Consumer Reviews: The Impact of Review Subjectivity on Product Sales and Review QualityAutomatic Construction of Multifaceted Browsing InterfacesReputation Premiums in Electronic Peer-to-Peer Markets: Analyzing Textual Feedback and Network StructureModeling and Managing Content Changes in Text DatabasesWhen one Sample is not Enough: Improving Text Database Selection Using ShrinkageClassifying and Searching Hidden-Web Text DatabasesModeling Query-Based Access to Text DatabasesText Joins in an RDBMS for Web Data IntegrationText Joins for Data Cleansing and Integration in an RDBMSQProber: A System for Automatic Classification of Hidden-Web DatabasesDistributed Search over the Hidden-Web: Hierarchical Database Sampling and SelectionExtending SDARTS: Extracting Metadata from Web Databases and Interfacing with the Open Archives InitiativeQuery- vs. Crawling-Based Classification of Searchable Web DatabasesUsing q-grams in a DBMS for Approximate String ProcessingApproximate String Joins in a Database (Almost) for FreeSDLIP + STARTS = SDARTS. A Protocol and Toolkit for MetasearchingPERSIVAL Demo: Categorizing Hidden-Web ResourcesProbe, Count, and Classify: Categorizing Hidden-Web DatabasesAutomatic Classification of Text Databases through Query ProbingProjects in Programming and Data Science (INFO-UB.0024.01), Spring 2018Projects in Programming and Data Science (INFO-UB.0024.01), Fall 2017Introduction to Programming and Data Science (INFO-UB.0023), Fall 2017Dealing with Data (XBA1-GB.8217.84), Summer 2017Projects in Programming and Data Science (INFO-UB.0024.01), Spring 2017Introduction to Programming and Data Science (INFO-UB.0023), Fall 2016Dealing with Data (XBA1-GB.8217.84), Summer 2016Projects in Programming and Data Science (INFO-UB.0024.01), Spring 2016Dealing with Data (INFO-GB.2346.W1), Winter 2016Introduction to Programming and Data Science (INFO-UB.0023.01), Fall 2015Dealing with Data (XBA1-GB.8217.84), Summer 2015Dealing with Data (INFO-GB.2346.0W1), Winter 2015Dealing with Data (INFO-GB.2346.10), Fall 2014Dealing with Data (INFO-UB.0046.01), Fall 2014Information Technology in Business and Society (C20.0001), Fall 2011Information Technology in Business and Society (C20.0001), Fall 2010Information Technology in Business and Society (C20.0001), Fall 2009Search and the New Economy (B20.3136), Fall 2008Information Technology in Business and Society (C20.0001), Fall 2008Search and the New Economy (B20.3136), Winter 2008Information Technology in Business and Society (C20.0001), Fall 2007Information Systems Technical Research Seminar (B20.3383), Spring 2007Information Technology in Business and Society (C20.0001), Fall 2006Information Systems Technical Research Seminar (B20.3383), Spring 2006Information Technology in Business and Society (C20.0001), Spring 2006Computer-based Systems for Management Support (C20.0001) , Spring 2005Advanced Database Systems (COMS 6111), Spring 2003Advanced Database Systems (COMS 6111), Spring 2002Advanced Database Systems (COMS 6111), Spring 2001Advanced Database Systems (COMS 6111), Spring 2001Advanced Database Systems (COMS 6111), Summer 2000Advanced Database Systems (COMS 6111) , Spring 2000Programming Languages, Spring 1996Programming Languages and Operating Systems, 1992-94Editorial Board, Associate EditorProgram Committee ChairUniversity ServiceProgram Committee MemberPh.D. Dissertation CommitteesPh.D. Thesis Proposal CommitteesOrganizing CommitteeAd-hoc Journal RefereeMiscellaneousExternal Conference ReviewerIJCAI-16 Outstanding ReviewerIEEE Senior MemberLagrange PrizeWSDM 2015 Outstanding Reviewer AwardManagement Science Best Paper 2011-14Best Paper Award, HCOMP 2014Best Paper Award Runner-up, INFORMS 2014 data mining student competitionGoogle Focused Research Award, “Never Failing Goggles”Best Theme Paper Award 2012 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2012)Google Research Award with Anindya GhoseBest Paper Award, WWW 2011Google Research Award with Vagelis HristidisNew York University Research Challenge GrantNYU-Poly Seed GrantMarketing Science Institute GrantBest Paper Runner Up KDD 2008NET Institute Summer GrantMicrosoft Virtual Earth AwardNSF CAREER AwardBest Paper Award, SIGMOD 2006Microsoft Live Labs Search AwardDepartmental NomineeBest Paper Award, ICDE 2005Award for Excellence in TeachingFellowship, DIMACSBest Paper Award Finalist, JCDL 2001Ph.D. Teaching Award of ExcellenceHonorary Distinction AwardAward for Excellence in TeachingHonorary Distinction AwardFellowshipFive Fellowships from Greek Scholarship FoundationMember of the Greek Olympiad team in the 26th International Chemistry Olympiad (Oslo 1994)Gold MedalProfessor, Stern/NYUProfessor, Data ScienceAffiliated Faculty, Courant/NYUConsultant, The World BankVisiting Scientist, Google, New York, NY, USAoDeskChief Scientist, TagasaurisAssociate Professor, Stern/NYUAssistant Professor, Stern/NYUResearch Intern, MicrosoftGRA, CS/ColumbiaResearch Assistant, CEIDSoftware Engineer, CTISystem Administrator, CEIDInstructor, Data Computers